VIDEO: The Haters’ “Live!” (trailer)

As I’ve mentioned before, there was a time when being a part of the Portland music scene meant being an unfortunate stepchild of what was going on in Seattle 150 miles to the north. These dates, Portland is more than capable of defining things on their own terms, as they have been for many years and one band that have taken their own path to the nth level are The Haters, who are commemorating their 35th year together as a band with a DVD release simply called Live!. Founded by GX Jupitter-Larsen, this DVD features footage that was mailed to a small handful of people by him but never meant for proper release. Now it’s getting its proper light of day, or perhaps the darkness of the evening if the music is any indication, for the sunlight may be a bit too much. The footage goes as far back as the 1980’s and goes through the mid-90’s, with some parts taken from their 20th anniversary show in 1999. It’s raw and in your face and heart, and now everyone will get a chance to enjoy it on a regular basis. For bonus material, it does include their 35th anniversary show done earlier this year. It only goes for $12, which you may pre-order by heading to the Helicopter-LA store.

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