REVIEW: Moyamoya’s self-titled debut album

 photo Moyamoya_cover_zps92407880.jpg Whether you call it math rock, progressive rock, or some other compound phrase that balances of the music, Moyamoya are a complex band that utilizes chords, phrases, and perhaps more importantly, time, and display this nicely on their album for Fort Lowell Records. They don’t only play their rhythms in 4/4 time, they’ll fool around with time signatures but doing the math thing is not what will pull listeners in and keep them there. What I also like about these guys is how they play with the sense of time, stopping to play for one moment while the feedback baths all over everyone, before returning. Eventually. Not bad for a band that had taken five years for them to finally record and release their first solo album, but that’s what it is, and the time to do so has resulted in something that I don’t want to call a statement, but it is more of a calling to let people know that a band like theirs exist, and it needs to be listened to seriously. I’m not saying they are serious to the point of being too heady, but they sound like they’re having fun. They just want to concentrate on the situation at hand and get involved in a word that even the press release makes clear: a “groove”. They turn up the guitars and bass to bring the volume up to the limit, anchor it with a solid drummer and just pull things in. The more interesting thing is that these guys rotate what they play, so if one of them wants to play the guitar in a song, he will. If he wants to play the drums in the fifth song, he’ll get there. The group used to have a vocalist but no longer, they wanted to floom through an instrumental shoot and if this is what they’ve ended up with, one only wonders where they’ll head to next. I can already see Moyamoya playing games with crowds when they perform, only for the band to know that they’re just playing for the hell of it and each other. To pull in more fans is a part of their fun, no headiness necessary.

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