REVIEW: David Bronson’s “Questions”

This is yet another album that has a very nice and wholesome rock/pop feel, and I hope this silent movement will continue to happen. I’ve been a fan of David Bronson for a short time but I have enjoyed his music quite a bit and in Questions (Big Arc) he is continuing on his music to make passionate songs that sound like something you want to remember and even turn into personal scriptures. This time around, Bronson sounds a lot like Jim Messina. In fact, listen to the Messina songs on albums by Loggins & Messina or Poco and you will hear the sensibilities I’m hearing here, where the lyrics have a lot to say or you’re wanting to appreciate what Bronson went through in order to write music like this. The nice addition of guitarist Carlos Alomar, wife Robin Clark and their daughter, Lea-Lorien Alomar is more than welcome and compliments Bronson’s voice and playing, and hopefully they will bring more people into this collection of songs that, in a better world, would be considered for the album of the year. Allow it to be one of your personal favorites of 2015, as it is mine.

(Questions will be released on January 13th.)

FREE MP3 DL: Christian Ceazer’s “Top Boy: The No Mercy Edition”

 photo ChristianCeazer_cover_zpsb10a35b2.jpg
The T-Down is representing hip-hop once again as it usually does: with pride and promise. The MC to look out for is Christian Ceazer and as he says in the opening track on his new street album, “it’s not a fucking game”. He calls this one Top Boy: The No Mercy Edition, so find out why he is willing to hustle for every dollar in order to survive and go beyond survival mode.

FREE MP3 DL: Mao Ra Sun’s “Control”

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You might be mistaken after hearing this and thinking it was 809 State but while they are British too, it’s not 808 State but a duo who go by the name of Mao Ra Sun. “Control” is the first song that will be part of a series of singles the two will be releasing throughout 2015, so this would be the January installment. Eleven more to come, and you’re having a full preview of it here. The song will find its way on a single called “Ready”, which you will be upon listening to this.

VIDEO: Lights & Motion’s “The Spectacular Quiet”

Chronicle (Deep Elm) is the forthcoming album by Lights & Motion and from it is a haunting video called “The Spectacular Quiet”, which begins like a film, complete with credits. Credit yourself for discovering this song and make it your mental anthem. Chronicle will hit stores on January 13th.


VIDEO: Marcus Kincy’s “10X Better”

Marcus Kincy may not be under/within your radar yet but 2015 is a a year to change that. Kincy is a singer, songwriter, producer, and composer from Chicago who wants to cover a lot of ground and he is doing it without hesitation. In fact, listen to “10X Better” and while saying what you do is “ten times better” than anything, sometimes you have to say it loudly to let people know who you are. If he ends up popping on throughout a number of tracks throughout 2015, maybe you may have heard it here first. If so, say so.

FREE MP3 DL: Prie “Beautiful Memories”

One of the best MC’s from Hawai’i dropped a new album before the end of the year so if you’ve been anticipating something new from Prie, here it is. This one is called Beautiful Memories, play it one by one, play it in full, play it repeatedly throughout 2015 and beyond. Then get in touch with him and work with him in your next project. Do it.

FREE DL: Extreme Volume Pop’s “Jazz Cocoon”
Here’s the story that goes with this release:

Last night, was eating a cousin’s “pie.” (Sex) Offered to go back in the back room and get another pan of her pie. (Sex) Was told by my Aunt that this was tantamount to going and bringing in her old lady bloomers for all to see. (Sex) Pie was in a tin pan, partly eaten, crusty. (Sex)

Later, we went on a trip to the supermarket (of sex?). Surrounding the parking lot was a vast, oddly-shaped swimming pool, or series of them (baptism, rebirth). It looked as if it were going to rain (ancient Babylonians thought that rain was the semen of the god Baal).
Somewhere along the line, a quite dapper Twenties lothario in a gambling casino (ala’ Dr. Mabuse), suggests that the poker game consists of “tender hands on the outside, something something (I can’t quite remember), on the inside.” He throws back his head, lifts his own white gloved hands, laughs his tight, angular-jawed laugh.
And somehow this is all related to sex.

What does it mean? Does “it” refer to sex just as Mike Patton said what was “it” in Faith No More’s “Epic”? I can’t begin to tell you, but Jazz Cocoon is a melange of something, which may involve it or just a little (b)it. Allow it to zest you up.