FREE MP3 DL: Amana Melomé’s “Lock And Key”

 photo AmanaMelome_old_zpsce621c4c.jpg
Press releases sometimes will feature a brief list of artists someone may sound like. Sometimes they can be a guide while other times I don’t care. Amana Melomé is said to sound like India Arie, Corinne Bailey Rae, Norah Jones, and Joss Stone, which is nice enough for me to think that I should listen. When I listen, I want to come up with my own conclusions. I did, and I also hear a small bit of Amel Larrieux. Melomé has released an EP called Lock And Key and what you’re about to hear from her is the title track. She worked on the EP with Adam Berg and Itai Shapari, and you can have a glimpse of what she’s about here.

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