REVIEW: Nicole Scherzinger’s “Big Fat Lie (Deluxe)”

 photo NicoleS_cover_zpsdef9cd29.jpg Nicole Scherzinger has not had much luck with success since she left the Pussycat Dolls. It’s sad that people are willing to listen to her as a Pussycat Doll more than they do under her own name, and it makes me wonder if it’s an issue of hype and promotion or if her music isn’t as good as the machine who made the Pussycat Dolls workable. I wanted to hear Big Fat Lie and see what was up.

I will say this off the head: these songs are not as strong as what they had come out with before, specifically the “Supervillan” song that came out seven years ago. The problem with that song is that it was constructed wrong, the emphasis for certain elements were placed in the wrong spots. As for her new album, what makes this not work? Not much. The songs are constructed well and what I really like is when the grooves, beats, and rhythm sections will switch up in the same song. You don’t expect it and it feels good because it’s as if it’s a real band and not something pre-programmed. I wished more people were into the changes in a song so that it could carry her to the higher end of the charts. As for her singing and voice, it continues to be sharp, but I don’t know if people are truly listening or only placing an emphasis on her looks.

If there’s anything that’s bad, it’s the type of material she performs. She deserves to have the same type of songs that someone like Jessie J has received and in fact, if Scherzinger had songs on the level of Jessie J, we might have a surprise hit on our hands. I realize that these days, artists and songs are all powered by key producers so why hasn’t someone like Diplo or Kanye West worked for her yet? Not enough of a budget? These guys not willing to work for/with her? I don’t know. What makes Big Fat Lie not work as a good album 100% is that it left me hanging, wanting more, maybe much more, and maybe that could lead to wanting too much. Sure, there is that culture aspect that I sometimes like to feel for artists who are what I am, but that’s a bit of culture pride too and I do go beyond that. She has the talent and I know she’s capable of doing some powerful songs, plus the ballads on this album show that if she kept herself doing the slow songs, she could pull in more fans. The album works for what it is but again, I’m left wondering how much longer she’ll have to do this before she decides to give up.


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