SOME STUFFS: Action Bronson is now a major label artist with release of new album

Come spring, you’ll be able to see Action Bronson stapled nicely with two strong logos, in this case Vice and Atlantic Records. Yes, the rapper is now signed with a major label and his album with Vice/Atlantic will be called Mr. Wonderful, which is to feature productions from The Alchemist, 88 Keys, Party Supplies, and Mark Ronsom among others. Other folks appearing on the album include Meyhem Lauren, Big Body Bes, and Chance The Rapper and who knows who else Bronson will be throwing into the mix at the very last minute, so we’ll see. The album will be out on March 24th so I’m sure a few songs here and there will be reaching the surface until then. In fact, here is one called “Actin’ Crazy”, this one produced by 40 and Omen.

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