FREE DL: Black Thread’s “Pyre” (EP)
Pyre is the name of a new EP released by Black Thread, one song divided in two that was recorded on cassette, but it sounds as if they were not only recorded on old caseette tapes, but done on an old cassette deck, perhaps why it may sound like “crumbling tape residue”. As one person put it, it’s “really nice wrinkly-textured music created from old cassette decks. Fans of Philip Jeck or William Basinski will enjoy this.” It may sound abstract and perhaps unconnected, but unconnected to what? If it’s with nothing, you listen to it and try to find something to link to it. You may listen to the tracks and download it for free, but please use the “Name Your Price” option to show support. It will be pressed on new c20 cassettes as well by request.

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