VIDEO: D Wing’s “Good 4 U”

Photo by Cayla McCrae
 photo DWing_old_zps5d3a6b54.jpg
When your press release says “Have you been taking your birth control? Good for you“, you know I’ll want to listen. In this case, it’s about a pop/R&B singkle named D. Wing, who wants to share his eclectic side along with his talents, and he has done it with his song “Good 4 U”. Then the press release states the song “is so sensual it might get you pregnant“. which could prove very dangerous if this got a lot of airplay at the clubs so friends: you have been warned. See if this songs makes your genitals tingle with delight. The video was directed by Jessica Nicole Collins.

D. Wing “Good4U” from Jessica Nicole Collins on Vimeo.

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