REVIEW: Thurston Moore’s “The Best Day”

Thurston Moore photo ThurstonMoore_cover_zps56a9f624.jpg Is it me or does Thurston Moore sound happy on his new album? Is that why he calls it The Best Day (Matador)? He doesn’t sound festive as if he’s ready to put on some beads and dance throughout New Orleans during Mardi Gras but it just sounds like someone who is ready to party a bit. The lyrics are not as harsh as previous efforts and yet the poetry and metaphors he uses still has the same kind of textures he has always been known for. Plus, you begin an album with an eight minute song only to go into an eleven minute one, that’s a full side of music at the beginning of an album.

Regardless of what his mood is, The Best Way just sounds like the kind of project Moore fans have been waiting for since the days of Sonic Youth, and while he has been loved for exploring different sounds and textures throughout his career, these songs sound like he’s an all new man willing to rock out in a ballsy manner while retaining the perception of the integrity people pour all over him. Normally, his previous music has been compared to other Sonic Youth albums but this could be compared to anything from Wilco to Weezer, all without sarcasm. It may sound odd to say what Moore had created is a fun album, as it may make people wonder what the hell happened, but it just sounds incredibly good, something a wide range of people can and should appreciate. I’m not saying he’s going to jam with John Mayer anytime soon but whatever he calls this phase he’s in, I’m glad he was able to capture it.


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