REVIEW: Virginia Wing’s “Measures Of Joy”

Virginia Wolf photo VirginiaWing_cover_zps304b708b.jpg Virginia Wing are a trio whose music sounds like an updated continuation of the works of Cocteau Twins or Lush, partly due to
the vocals of Alice Merida Richards but also due to the musicianship of Sebastian Truskolaski and Sam Pillay. Together, Measures Of Joy are the measures of their collective joy, which explores different types of emotions to make their points and be able to explore the world and themselves through their magical journeys. If you simply listen to the music and melodies of Richards’ voice, you will be caught up in the emotions expressed and simply feel it in that context alone. However, listen to the lyrics and you’ll be taken in places you may not have expected before. Listen to it again and you may find yourself elsewhere with each listen. What I also like is that the songs are adventurous, not only on an individual basis but as a collective so that one song will not sound like a continuous tapestry. The textures are heard and felt, which may make you want to put this on repeat in an awake state as well as in a dream. Wonderful album.


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