VIDEO: Ho99o9’s “Casey Jones/Cum Rag”

The guys in Ho99o9 have a nice two-for-one deal where they offer not only a song called “Casey Jones”, but they also want to throw out a “Cum Rag” to you. This one brings together elements of industrial, punk, and hip-hop in a way that will make some go “what the fuck is this?” and others say ‘this is the best thing I may hear all year”.

FREE MP3 DL: Thoughts Detecting Machines’ “New Day”

Photo by Gilman Chatsworth
Thoughts Detecting Machines photo RickValentin_old2_zpsborffx1z.jpg
If you recognize him, you know him as Poster Children’s member Rick Valentin. You may want to add a few more new words to his identity because as a solo artist, he wants to be known as Thoughts Detecting Machines. As Thoughts Detecting Machines, Valentin will be releasing an album called Work The Circuit and “New Day” is the first single from it. Some may feel it is a nice throwback to the new wave of the early 1980’s and if it is, consider the synths and dark vocals a nice return. The album will be out on March 16th.

VIDEO: Hundred Waters’ “Show Me Love”

The song starts off with a piano melody that may sound to some like something from Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells and the first hint of vocals (or even a breath) doesn’t happen until 102 seconds into the song but once you hear Hundred Waters’ vocalist Nicole Miglis (the song is just her and a piano), it becomes all too real and personal. Quite nice too, make sure to listen to the lyrics. A similar version of this will appear on their forthcoming album The Moon Rang Like A Bell (Remixed).

VIDEO: The Agonist’s “My Witness, Your Victim”

Photo by Jeroen Aarts
The Agonist photo TheAgonist_old_zps08c0d455_1.jpg
Upon first listen, you might hear the new vocalist froM The Agonist, Vicky Psarakis, and think “wait a minute: is the only thing she does is just growl like a death metal singer?” Keep on listening and she unleashes the harmonies soonafter. If you are familiar with The Agonist, you know of their capabilities but now with a new singer, they are hoping to take things further. The song will appear on their forthcoming Century Media album, Eye Of Providence, due out on the 24th of February.