REVIEW: Allman Brothers Band’s “A&R Studios, Live In New York On 26th August 1971”

Allman Brothers Band photo AllmanBros_cover_zps9cc9cony.jpg A&R Studios: Live In New York On 26th August 1971 (Autarc Media) is a recording the Allman Brothers Band did two months before the death of guitarist Duane Allman and while this may not have the sane vibe or zest as the Live At Fillmore East album, there is more than enough juice in this baby to keep people satisfied. All the goods are here, from “Statesboro Blues”, “In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed”, “You Don’t Love Me”, “Trouble No More”, and “Done Somebody Wrong” among many more, and what is nice about this one, like with any Allman Brothers Band live show, is to hear the different variations between everything from the solos to Gregg Allman’s singing to the drumming and the overall vibe. The session here is a bit eased up, more laid back but still retaining the same energy they were becoming known for in 1971. A very fine listen. The show has been released a number of times so if you haven’t heard it yet, pick it up.

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