REVIEW: Black Star Riders’ “The Killer Instinct”

Black Star Riders photo BlackStarRiders_cover_zpsbf0rf3ft.jpg The Killer Instinct is a hard rock and heavy metal album by Black Star Riders for those who like their style of music on the classic side. I guess for me, there’s nothing wrong with liking something that sounds as if it came from the days of my youth but do you want to stay in ones memories forever or do you want to find a way to bring yourself to modern times? My point is that as strong as their musicianship is, I found myself getting bored by the third song, as if every cliche was being done in front of my face without anyone ever throwing something new. I wanted just a hint of… something just so I would know there’s something else but they have nothing else, at least not here. I understand what they’re doing and it works, but give me something just so I know there is more, or at least make me want more for the next round. I found this to be a bore.

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