REVIEW: No Spill Blood’s “Heavy Electricity”

No Spill Blood photo NoSpillBlood_cover_zpshhynwrjc.jpg Heavy Electricity (Sargent House) by Ireland’s No Spill Blood is proof that a band can still make angry music without sounding as if they’re trying to cater (too much) to anyone but themselves. In other words, the rage they play in their music sounds as if they’re giving each other last messages in case one of them dies, as if they’re saying “I want you to pass this to a loved one, I do so with confidence.” A lot of the riffs could be considered metallesque with sounds and rhythm sequences bordering on electronic mayhem, if not on the industrial side. Now mix that with punk or speed metal and it sounds like the perfect blend to down with the ship together and you feel the glory of the misery. “Harsh Route” even has some synth parts that sounds like something from a Foreigner, Styx Black Sabbath song, bright and moist but never out of place, especially when they morph that into something much uglier. The lyrics and and should be appreciated for those who may not be able to deal with the every day issues of simply living but there is always a small hint of brightness on the other side, if you’re willing to give it a listen.

(Heavy Electricity will be released on March 10th.)


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