REVIEW: THEESatisfaction’s “EarthEE”

THEESatisfaction photo THEESatisfaction_cover_zpsrhprhr1l.jpg As someone who has followed Sub Pop Records for almost 30 years, it’s surprising and perhaps a bit of a shock that they have released something as soulful, moving, and powerful as THEESatisfaction and their album EarthEE but I’m glad they have done so. You might call this natural soul, neo-soul, earthy soul but personally, I simply want to call this soul that is able to branch out and find new things. The first person I am reminded of when I hear the voices of Stasia “Stas” Irons and singer Catherine “Cat” Harris-White is Georgia Anne Muldrow, as they’re all able to sing beautifully and with sensuality, then throw out dope rhymes without a fear of holding back words. They can be poetic in a romantic sense, then touch into the earth or the streets and tell you directly what they feel. You can also say this is along the lines of folks like Erykah Badu or Jill Scott but also with a slight OFWGKTA tendency, which means if they wanted to step out of the boundaries you expect them to remain in, they will do so. When you hear them rap in “Blandland”, you may immediately say “this would sound nice with Ladybug Mecca” and while she doesn’t show up, who does show up is fellow Digable Planets member Ishmael Butler, which is a chance for THEESatisfaction to extend their Seattle connection and show that family can be family when there is a sense of commonality. Me’Shell NdegeOcello finds her way nicely in “WerQ” and even with every cameo appearance the album features, it is still distinctively the sound of THEESatisfaction, and the song they’re creating/defining for themselves is enough to make people want to hang around for future endeavors.


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