FREE MP3 DL: Audible Doctor featuring Davenport Grimes’ “The Cycle/So Tired (Remix)”

You may see the graphic and think “ooh ,something I need to get on vinyl” but the mix you are about to listen to isn’t on vinyl. False advertising? I don’t know but I will say what I do know. This is The Audible Doctor and Davenport Grimes can be heard in “The Cycle/So Tired (Remix)” because it was made that way. Now you might be asking “why hype up the song with a record?” Don’t ask me, I don’t know. What I do know is that this song/mix is nice and worth downloading, while supplies last. As for the record and to find out what is on it, check out the Bandcamp box below, where you’re able to order it that way or of course digitally.

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