RECORD CRACK: Mexican Slang to release 7″ at end of the month as they tour in the east

Mexican Slang photo MexicanSlang_old_zpsaclg8ivl.jpg
“Fever” is a single by Mexican Slang that they’ll be releasing as a 7″ on March 28th, so you can listen to it below. Also below are some shows they have scheduled this month, so take out that change from your couch and buy a ticket or two.

March 11… Brooklyn, NY (Shea Stadium) Ƶ
March 12… Philadelphia, PA (Kung-Fu Necktie) ƾ
March 13… Richmond, VA (Circle Thrift) ǣ
March 15… Atlanta, GA (The Earl) Ƕ
March 16… Birmingham, AL (Below at Doghead) ȣ
March 21… Austin, TX (Sledge Hammer SXSW showcase) Ϡ
March 23… Nashville, TN (Pussy Palace) ϣ
March 24… Cincinnati, OH (The Comet) Ѩ
March 28… Toronto, ON (S.H.I.B.G.B’S) ⓾

Ƶ = w/ Sleepies, Lodro, Crosss, bbigpigg
ƾ = w/ Seismic Thrust, Crosss, Crime Hands
ǣ = w/ Crosss
Ƕ = w/ Dirty Fences, Boytoy, Sheer Mag
ȣ = w/ Crosss, Muuy Biien
Ϡ = w/ Bad Breeding, Solids, HSY, Pinecones, Crosss
ϣ = w/ Ttotals
Ѩ = w/ Swim Team, Leggy
⓾ = w/ The Ukiah Drag, Moss Lime

You can listen to “Fever” below via Bandcamp.

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