RECORD CRACK: Last records in Melvins covers tribute singles series to be released

Melvins photo Melvins7-2015_PS_zpsrl7drm19.jpg
If you have been picking up Melvins’ series of 7″ singles on Amphetamine Reptile with the clowns on the cover and were wondering when they were going to release more, there’s two more left and they’ll be out on Monday, March 16th. They are for A Tribute To The Jam and A Tribute To Throbbing Gristle, which now means everything that was on their covers tribute album Everybody Loves Sausages is out in 7″ form. The one for Throbbing Gristle is said to be a 3-song 7″ and will feature “Hamburger City” on the B-side. They will be sold exclusively at AmRep’s Shoxop, which means you’ll have to hurry up pronto.

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