REVIEW: Hidden In The Sun’s “Seven Seasons”

Hidden In The Sun photo HiddenSun_cover_zpsncudc3f2.jpg IF you love pop along the lines of Ben Folds, you will love Hidden In The Sun. If you love the kind of bluesy rock that The Black Crowes became known for, Hidden In The Sun are your band. If you love your country with a bit of pop or rock attitude, Seven Seasons (self-released) will be one of your favorite albums of the year, and there are many reasons why. Hidden In The Sun, who are Lizzie Clapper (vocals), Scott Rouse (drums), Jason Vivrette (bass), Ciara McAllister (keyboards), and Sean Alexander (guitar), are a band who enjoy being a sponge and taking out their influences into their music, showing how it can be going from place to place while showing a level of consistently throughout. In a song like “Waiting On The Storm” it may make one reminisce about a powerful soul song heard years ago, but then they may turn into a blues rock dirge a in “My Magdeline” and keep it in the ground until it grows into something new. McAllister comes off like a bit of a John Medeski, Booker T. Jones, or Norah Jones with how she plays, where it can be anything from jazz to rock to blues and everywhere in between, she may become the group’s secret weapon, if she isn’t already. She isn’t the only one that stands out in this group, for being a tight group is all about interactivity with one another, a feeling where you know where your band mate will go to next or taking a risk by playing something to find out where they’ll head to. They sound like that type of band that could take off in that direction in the future, especially in “Waiting On The Storm”, where it seems they could get locked in a jam and stay there until they unfold somewhere that’ll surprise them, all while knowing when the conclusions are about to hit. With a group like Hidden In The Sun, you’re going to find them to sound like a number of your favorite groups, players, and singers, but in time they will become their own and you will not know where you were until they arrived in your life. Seven Seasons may not change the game in a cliched manner, but they have enough games to make you want to play your own with them as the soundtrack.

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