REVIEW: Michael Williams Gilbert’s “Secret Stories”

Michael William Gilbert photo MWGilbert_cover_zpsbcilyfob.jpg Artist Michael Williams Gilbert states that “much contemporary and electronic music suffers from a coldness or soullessness” so his response is to make something that brings back life into it, or that lives will be touched by the music he creates, and he does so with a deciphering system known as Secret Stories (GIBEX). The opening track is fitting of its title, “In Transit”, for it’s sommething that sounds worthy of a travel, perhaps intentionally funky in its own way like a Kraftwerk song, where one thinks “is this meant to be funky or is it just part of the pulse that ia meant to drive me to my destination?” “Dream Within A Dream” sounds like different elements or portions of other songs where you’re unsure where one thing begins or if we are interrupting something in progress, but it’s a bit on the instrumental side of Pink Floyd of the A Momentary Lapse Of Reason era. The classical touches are nice too and I also enjoy the counter-melodies when they are detected.

Gilbert is able to take his music to unique places and I wonder if the entire album is meant to have a running theme or a concept, as some of it reminds me of the works of Mike Oldfield. Perhaps he is inspired by those who were also inspired to take their music one step forward or higher, or to take what existed before and either continue it or start all over again with a new path. The material on Secret Stories would also be perfect for television shows or movies, as I could see this being used for tranquil scenes or thought provoking sequences and yet the album is something that is worth an intense listen or even a bit of meditation. Although I would find the intensity of portions of the album to be a bit more intense that could interrupt a meditative state, yet some of the songs are perfect for calm moods.


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