REVIEW: The Furious Seasons’ “My Love Is Strong”

The Furious Seasons photo FuriousSeasons_cover_zpsjakbm6mf.jpg The Furious Seasons are a band that capture the essence of pop and rock with the finesse that people like Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, and The Hooters, and once brought to the forefront and on their fourth album My Love Is Strong (Stonegarden), they explain in thirteen songs why that spirit is very much alive and well in 2015. The band is fronted by David Steinhart, who has Bob Gannon (drums), Jeff Steinhart (bass), and Eric Marin (keyboards) helping him throughout the album and if you’re someone who love music that only not only has a heart and soul, but with a voice that can distinctively be identifiable, you will definitely want to check this album out. They are full of stories that are need to be told, about everything from the human condition to personal frustrations, freedoms, and merely wanting to live and loving to live due to the nature of life itself. There are times when what you hear on the radio lacks any of that, or lacks any life, or maybe you’re someone if anyone is passing the type of stories you wanted to hear from your parents or grandparents. My Love Is Strong explains in full why that strength can be overwhelming and when it is, you don’t want to let that love go.

My Love Is Strong will be released on April 21st.)

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