REVIEW: Tree Machines’ self-titled EP

Tree Machines photo TreeMachines_cover_zps7cv84gmq.jpg To call any new artist victorious may be a very bold move but when it comes to using that word when applied to their music, it couldn’t be any better. That’s what Tree Machines have done with their brand new self-titled EP, their debut release. Douglas Wooldridge and Patric Aubry know about the tricks of the trade, which means being able to pull up elements to emphasize on how to create auras and mysteries to make their songs efgective. It is pop music, no doubt, but they do so in a manner that’ll make you smile, smirk in laughter, and just make you go “wow, I can’t believe someone still makes music like this”. In a song like “Misunderstood” the lyrics may be about a relationship that went to a place you did not intend, but hearing it will make you feel it may be the opposite, or at least have fun while telling that story. As far as groups that are duos, Tree Machine may be as creative as the guys in Qui, even though they sound nothing like one another. I just like the fact that people are making music like this that are not only good if not great, but are a necessity that makes me want to say more people need this in their lives. The lyrics can be serious but are also not afraid in using humor in a subtle manner or sarcasm that may not be obvious at first. Everything on their EP evens out, let the songs take you in and then listen to it again. The seven songs here will have to hold until they decide to come out with another EP, or are ready for a full length LP.

(Tree Machine’s debut EP will be released on March 31st.)

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