VIDEO: King Parrot’s “Home Is Where The Gutter Is”

King Parrot photo KingParrot_old_zpsnii5maoo.jpg
They’re a little bit punk, they’re a little bit grind’n’roll, and they are a nice bit of thrash. They are Australian, I can tell you that but I can also tell you this: their name is King Parrot. It’s from their forthcoming EP Dead Set, to be out very soon on Agonia Records. Vinyl junkies will be able to purchase in three different variations, which you can read about here or you can get them digitally, in the virtual world (i.e. MP3’s) or CD.

VIDEO: Froth’s “Postcard Radio”

Bleak is the forthcoming album from Froth, which will be out on Burger Records very soon on vinyl, CD and cassette. To pre-order it, head here but you have to have a reason as to why it’s worth of a pre-order. Check out their video for “Postcard Radio”, which sounds a bit like Teenage Fan Club with bits of heftiness so you’ll be able to find beat on its bones. It may have a slight early 90’s alternative feel but it’s gritty pop with a punch in your jaw. The video was directed by Riley Blakeway.

VIDEO: Gruesome’s “Savage Land”

“Savage Land” is the new album by Gruesome and they decided to make a video for the title track. In truth, the savage land in question brings the people in the video into a world of cannibalism so if you wish to see people eat other people by digging into their flesh and gouging their eyes, press play right now. The footage is taken from various cannibal-related films so if you’re someone who is into a bit of gruesomeness, this one is for you.


VIDEO: Skinless’ “Skinless”

Skinless has a new song called “Skinless” and it will be on their forthcoming album. Some of you may be asking yourself “is it called Skinless?” and I have to say no, their album will be called Only The Ruthless Remain. The video is considered NSFW, not because of nudity but due to a bit of blood and gore. The album will be released by Relapse Records on June 2nd, which you may pre-order through Amazon below.


FREE MP3 DL: Kelly Rush’s “Don’t Dance (Think)”

Originally from Fayetteville, North Carolina, Kelly Rush now resides in Los Angeles and is hoping to make a name for himself with his lyrics, stories, and flows. He says his music may be called “hip “pop”-ish chill wave style” by some but whatever way you choose to interpret it, listen to “Don’t Dance (Think)” and see how you can get down to the sensation.

VIDEO: Low Leaf’s “Life Is Peace (Live)”

It has been a year since Low Leaf released her debut album AKASHAALAY on Fresh Selects, one which I considered one of the best of 2014. While it may not be a means to celebrate, the release of a new video today does coincide with the anniversary so check out Low Leaf doing “Life Is Peace” as part of The Byrd Series @ Petit Ermitage, done on a West Hollywood rooftop, so it’s a way for her to interact with the outdoors and electronic landscape.


FREE MP3 DL: Brontosaurus’ “Safe To Surface”

A name like Brontosaurus may bring to mind The Flintstones but these guys have a lot of meat to their music. This Chicago band will place this song on Our Animal Ways, which will be out in June. The album will be made available on vinyl but whatever your preferred format is, you may pre-order it below via Bandcamp.

FREE DL: D.Focis’ “Summertime D-Mix”
Enjoy driving two miles an hour so everyone can see you? Then you are probably anticipating the arrival of the summer, and you have under two months to go. Courtesy of D.Focis, he has put together a brand new mix of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime”, said to be “adding a Detroit touch,while keeping with the original vibe of the song.” No harm in that, so listen to it and lay back because soon come, it’ll be summertime, so have a ball.