FREE DL: Pete Rock’s “Heaven & Earth”
Petestrumentals (Mello Music Group) is the forthcoming all-instrumental album from Pete Rock and just those names is enough to make people wait impatiently for it. If you can’t wait, then here’s a song for you to download and check out, it’s called “Heaven & Earth”. The album, the sequel to his album released 14 years ago, will be out on June 23rd.

VIDEO: La Lenguas’ “Love You All The Time”

There are a lot of dating-related TV shows out there but have you ever wondered what it’s like to date a sex doll? La Languas put it to the test in their new song “Love You All The Time”, which is a way to say the man in question is willing to love the doll all the time. The song is from their Burger Records EP Tears In My Milkshake, which was released today.

VIDEO: Guantanamo Baywatch featuring Curtis Harding’s “Too Late”

When you see the intro to this video, you may think “oh no, I hope this guy is okay” but it’s alright, it’s part of the video. All of a sudden, the music begins and you may think “wait a minute, something is not right”. If you’re saying this, then perhaps you are the perfect audience to watch “Too Late”, the new one by Guantanamo Baywatch. The song features Curtis Harding and if the song eventually breaks your heart, you are the audience they were looking for. The song is from their album Darling…It’s Too Late (Suicide Squeeze).


AUDIO: Mel Sound’s “Carousel”

EDM? Newness? Into your life? Here’s a new EDM track to soothe your soul and this one is performed by Mel Sound, a producer out of Washington, DC who enjoys the power of house music and enjoys taking it beyond the limits. “Carousel” is the single and it was released two weeks ago by No Bounds Records, take it to the limits and the dancefloor.

VIDEO: Def3’s “Wildlif3”

This song has Def3 talking about living the wild life but it could mean he enjoys living within the wildlife, which is why he shot this video outdoors with director Stuey Kubrick. How the forest fire, I don’t know but don’t do the same for the sake of making a good music video. The song and video are solid, turn this into a hit.

VIDEO: Omega Tha Kid’s “Distant Memories”

Maybe hip-hop isn’t something you’d hear with just a voice and an acoustic guitar but Wyclef Jean did it for years, so did Me Phi Me. Now Omega Tha Kid is doing it as part of his thing as a way to let you know how he rhymes, and he does it in very fine form with “Distant Memories”. The song will find its way on his forthcoming album, 199x.