SOME STUFFS: KatO1O raising funds for her forthcoming album

KatO1O photo KatO1O_old_zpssdg5bzfq.jpg
Kat Ouano will be putting on her KatO1O costume once again with a new album that is already completed, but she is raising funds to help get it out there to the people. The new release will be called On The Cusp and part of the proceeds earned will go towards VH-1’s Save The Music Foundation. In other words, while you are helping her get the music released, you’re also helping those in need, so consider it and realize you’d be doing double duty. Head to to find out the different price options and make a donation. Ouano was a member of Mission: and Crown City Rockers, who represented hip-hop nicely in the Bay Area. Now residing on the island of Kauai in Hawai’i, she wants to let people know that her love of music has never stopped. She has raised 60% of her goal, help her get a few more steps to making this happen.

Until then, she’s also releasing a single for the title track, which also features a remix by the one and only Headnodic. Anytime these two unite, there’s always good music so check it out. Pre-order the single below via Amazon.


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