SOME STUFFS: Los Colognes preparing to unleash a new dose with “Dos”

Los Colognes photo LosColognes_old_zpszkwcztya.jpg
You might see a band with a name like Los Colognes and perhaps automatically assume they are from Los Angeles, San Diego, Texas, or perhaps directly from Mexico. How about if I told you they are from Nashville? If you’re already a fan of their music, then you know what they’re about and if you have been waiting for the group to release something else after enjoying their debut, then read on. Los Colognes will be out with a new album on the 4th of September called Dos (Theory 8), which of course means it is their second album and will become part 2 of their musical adventures. The band produced the project themselves with engineer Billy Bennett, and you may have a listen to the first hit from it, “Backseat Driver”.

Los Colognes have some shows coming up later this summer and there will most likely be more dates when the album gets closer to release, so plan ahead and enjoy the new music in a live setting:
August 7-9… Appleton, WI (Miles of Music Festival)
September 4… Nashville, TN (The Basement East)
September 5… Knoxville, TN (Barley’s Taproom)
September 17… Nashville, TN (Americana Music Conference)
September 18-20… Bristol, TN (Bristol Roots & Rhythm)
September 22… Brooklyn, NY (Factory)
October 1… Chicago, IL (Schuba’s)

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