AUDIO: Jon Zott’s “Queen”

Jon Zott photo JonZott_old_zpsr1wqmkhh.jpg
Detroit artist/producer Jon Zott takes his music into the new world with a bit of repetitive verbals but dives into it in order to bring in listeners that will keep them pulsating their notions to let them know he will not do any harm to them and the song is called “Queen” for all types of queens of the world, be it real royalty, ladies of the morning, noon, and nights or if you consider yourself a fasionable queen of the dancefloor, this may become your anthem of the moment, of the future, of the now or if you are seriously lucky, of the past but very much of the future because the future will eventually be a now and then a thing of the best and like Toto once said, you can’t hold back.

He has some performances coming up, including a show next week Monday in Brooklyn

July 18… Ferndale, MI (Pig & Whiskey Festival)
July 20… Brooklyn, NY (Bossa Nova Civic Club “I HATE MONDAYS”)
August 7… Ferndale, Mi (The Loving Touch)

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