SOME STUFFS: “Renegades Of Rhythm” show in Oakland to be released on VHS

DJ Shadow/Cut Chemist photo DJShadowRenegades_cover_zpsf2my3wd0.jpg
If you attended DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist’s recent Renegades Of Rhythm shows, you know it was not just a celebration of hip-hop in general but it celeberates the legacy of Afrika Bambaataa and the records he used and collected in his life. A performance of this show in Oakland was recorded and will be made available for purchase.

Renegades Of Rhythm: Live In Oakland will be released on VHS tape. You got that right, VHS. Yes, VHS is a dead format but so is Betamax, and there have been many times in the last 30 years that vinyl was supposed to die too. While the demand for anything on VHS these days is beyond minimal, hardcore music buffs still flock to VHS tapes that have not been released on DVD or Blu-Ray officially. Just as there are hardcore collectors who consider laserdisc is superior, the VHS is still very much alive and well by many. Only 300 copies of this tape are being made, each one to be individually numbered. DJ Shadow has sold his share of titles on VHS over the years, from the Slurp show to the tape with well known funk and soul drummers so add this to the -ography as well. It’s a bit pricey (well, for me at least) but this is a limited edition and some of you will transfer it digitally immediately anyway. You can pre-order it over at

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