VIDEO: Vedo Stone’s “To The Marshes (Acoustic)”

Tedo Stone photo TedoStone_oldBIG_zpsxe8cgn41.jpg
At the beginning of July I shared with you a song by artist Tedo Stone. Now that we’re at the end of the month, Stone is offering up another song for you just in time, and this time it’s a video.

It’s for his album coming out on September 18th called Marsher, which will be on This Is American Music so here at This Is Book’s Music, I give you the clip for “To The Marshes”. Unlike the audio I presented in early July, it’s a more calmer version of the song, as it’s done acoustically.

The Love List Presents: Tedo Stone from The Love List Presents on Vimeo.

Tedo Stone performs "Marshes" at the Stave Room at American Spirit Works in Atlanta, GA.

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