BOOK’S #FOODIE: El Yucateco Black Label Reserve Chili Habanero hot sauce (review)

 photo ElYucatecoBlack_label_zpsih4kkgei.jpg In the past I’ve tried different hot sauces before made by El Yucateco and the fact this was called a “Black Label Reserve” made me eager to want to try it. The price for this was a dollar or two more than their regular hot sauces, and their hot sauces are considered to be “budget” priced despite the fact the flavor on them have been great.

This Black Label Reserve Chili Habanero is called that because it is literally a black hot sauce, or a dark green, but I’m sure it’s a bit of both. I didn’t think of anything before I tried it but when I had it, I said to myself “are there people who will like this?” It tasted exactly like a burnt habanero, something you put on a grill or stove when you roast it. You burn the pepper and it becomes visibly crips. It tastes exactly like that and for my tastes, the burnt flavor was a bit too much.

I say this and yet I tried the bottle. I didn’t honestly struggle with it and it wasn’t horrible but I wanted to find a dish that would make it taste decent. Of course, it complimented everything in its own way but it isn’t something I’d want to buy again. I never knew burnt could be a flavor for something, I don’t know if burnt butter would sell at movie theaters or burnt corn on the cob would do well at farmer’s markets. As for the heat, it was nice but the flavor overwhelmed and it masked everything else. This one was a no go for me.


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