REVIEW: Various Artists’ “Nail House Party”

Nail House Party photo NailHouseP_cover_zpssrc0hrb0.jpg Nail House Party is a very healthy 20 band compilation from the Emotional Response label and “very healthy” means with 20 bands to choose from, it’s very difficult to remain bored at any point during its listen. The comp goes everywhere from brutal psychedelic pop to rough rock without hitting hard rock to calm things that sound like an itchy anus ready to be dug. It sounds like a group of different guys in the same clubhouse, ready to please each other for the sake of making music and making sure the sonic pleasure is good enough to last throughout a weekend. Bands like Tangle Excitement!, Kids On A Crime Spree, The Debutantes, GRRR!, Rooibus Orbison, The Safe Distance, and Victorian Slang are just as uncertain as their names may be but it is safe you will find a number of bands to become your personal favorites. Collegiate rock? Nothing wrong with that. Crafty university pop? Sure. Does it matter where you go to school in order to make this music feel good? Not at all, for it’s just a party, either in the distance or right in the floor below you.

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