REVIEW: Loop 2.4.3’s “Time-Machine_music”

Loop 2.4.3 photo Loop-2.4_zpsnhmtqien.jpg At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Loop 2.4.3, even after reading a bit about them but Time-Machine_music (Music Starts From Silence) is very much like going on a journey, as the title may suggest, with uncertainty on where one will end up.

At first, I had thought the music created by Loop 2.4.3’s Thomas Kozumplik was electronic in nature and while some of it is, most of the sounds heard are played by Kozumplik himself. It may remind a few people of the Illuminati funk of Rise Robots Rise or some kind of major label effort that you may have read about once but forgot where you read about it. Don’t allow yourself to pass the music on this project, for it sounds like someone’s diary entries around the world, dropping into each different village and finding what sounds he can create. There aren’t any songs that could be considered pop-friendly, so don’t expect something to give you the moral to the story, for these are the stories you’re meant to interpret in whatever way you feel is fit. Different percussion instruments provide the heartbeat while his voice, while present, doesn’t dominate the pieces. Instead, they are decorations, mere ingredients to the full recipes he is putting on display. A live interpretation of these songs would be a trip to hear and experience but for the time being, Time-Machine_music consists of worlds ready to explore, which will lead to you realizing the world’s are all in one place.

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