REVIEW: Meanza&De’s “OU”

Meanza&De photo MeanzaDe_coverSML_zpszs7dkb9i.jpg OU (Aut) is one of those albums where you’re unsure what you’re listening to and why but something hooks you, pulls you in and keeps you within its realm for its duration. At least that is how I interpret what Meanza&De do on OU, a mixture of electronic peculiarity where everything sounds chopped to the smallest detail and adjusted to create something that isn’t weird. In fact, I would call the music here a distant cousin of the familiar but it’s so off-center that you want to touch it if you could. Or with a track like “OSC”, things begin very beautifully and delicate and then it finds itself in a new world and things make you feel dizzy, if not queasy. The electronics are then mixed in with instrumentation of what sounds like found instruments, or instruments that may very well be custom made, but it may be a figment of my imagine as the two people involved (Bob Meanza and Filipe Dias De) are credited as playing two things: electronics and sitar. I hear what Meanza is creating and what I like is that it is meant to sound foreign, if not distant but what he does makes you want to come closer, to touch it and know what it feels or smells like. De’s guitar work may be subtle at first but concentrate on the sounds. Sometimes it sounds fairly normal, other times you wonder if the traditional pandits would cringe at the thought of the sounds being stretched to nth limits.

It’s very experimental in every sense of the world but it’s not annoying nor will it make you cringe. OU is a place you didn’t think you’d ever want to be in but once you explore the elements, you hope more people will come inside and populate the place.

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