SOME STUFFS: Portland’s Grandparents’ to release new album in October

Grandparents photo Grandparents_old_zpsllxwqopv.jpg
There’s a phrase about Portland, Oregon which is about being a place where young people go to retire. That sounds dumb but there is a Portland band who are ready to get old in their own way because they can’t help it, but on top of that, they are target marketing themselves for retire age. However, I’m not sure if actual retirees would be into these guys. They are called Grandparents, and they are releasing an album on Strange Light Records called Sincerely, Bagman, and you can check out a video made for one of the songs, “Kids In The Alley.”

Grandparents are currently on tour to help generate some interest for it and themselves, so head out and show some love for some Rose City rockers:
September 15… San Francisco, CA
September 16… Oakland, CA (The Hatch)
September 17… Los Angeles, CA
September 18… Long Beach, CA (Signal 1833)
September 19… San Diego, CA (Subtropic)
September 21… Salt Lake City, UT
September 22… Denver, CO
September 23… Fort Collins, CO
September 24… Logan, UT
September 25… Salt Lake City, UT
September 26… Boise, ID (Neurolux)
September 28… Olympia, WA
September 29… Seattle, WA
September 30… Vancouver, BC
October 1… Bellingham, WA (House Show)
October 2… Portland, OR (Lose Yr Mind Festival)
October 3… Seattle, WA

Sincerely, Bagman will be out on October 23rd. You can have a listen to their previous works by heading to their official Bandcamp page.

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