VIDEO: CuzN’s “Ordinary People”

CuzN photo CuzN_old_zps3m4lvytc.jpg
You may say he is your cousin, and he could very well be, but for all intents and purposes, you can call him CuzN. A kissing CuzN? Well yeah, that’s kinda clever but we’re not talking about that, but we’re speaking of this. He is a multi-instrumentalist who sings and writes his own material, calling South England home but currently residing in Sydney, Australia, making down under his new home. He has released two EP’s so far and this one is from his latest effort, Little Victories, so have a listen to “Ordinary People.” The EP can be purchased through by clicking the cover below the video.

VIDEO: Princess Chelsea’s “We Are Strangers”

 photo PrincessChelsea_old_zpsqwggsxag.jpg
The Great Cybernetic Depression, released earlier this year, is the latest album from Princess Chelsea but later in the year, they’re releasing a clip for one of its songs and they (song and video) are both of quality. Have a look at “We Are Strangers” and see how it opens you up. The video was put together by director Simon Ward.

VIDEO: NomiS featuring John Givez’s “Traffic”

Socially Just is the latest album from rapper NomiS and he will be releasing this on November 13th. For the time being, you can check out a slice of what he has come up with through his new video for “Traffic”, which also features John Givez. The album can be pre-ordered through Bandcamp and you’ll be able to get an immediate download of “Traffic” in your audio format of choice.

FREE DL: Tairrie B.’s “Wicked Witch Of The West Coast (Mediatrix Remix)”

There was a time when Kool Keith, as Poppa Large, considered himself the big shot of the East Coast. 25 years later, rapper Tairrie B. says she is the “Wicked Witch Of The West Coast” and considering it’s a Halloween weekend coming up, consider this the perfect time to check it out. The song is being presented here as a Mediatrix remix so have a listen and if you’re feeling this one, download it, free of charge.

VIDEO: Jackson Boone’s “Runaway”

Oregon singer/songwriter Jackson Boone made an album called Natural Changes (which you can check out below via Bandcamp) and he ve made the first video from it in the form of “Runaway”, a wonderful acoustic piece that will make you wish for warmer days but comfortable blankets for bone-chilling nights with a significant other.

BTW: while the press release states Boone is from “Portland”, he actually resides in Cannon Beach, a town south of Seaside, Oregon, about an hour’s drive west of Portland. The video was shot in Cannon Beach and if the scenery looks familiar, you’ll recognize it as being used in the film Goonies.

FREE DL: Semi Hendrix featuring Cee-Lo Green’s “Sex Pistol”

That collaboration between Ras Kass and Jack Splash enters a new level, as Semi Hendrix (their united moniker) welcomes in Cee-Lo Green into the mix. Yes, they gathered together to show their two-decade long friendship and now you can have a taste of the “Sex Pistol” and in the words of Apollonia, c’mon, kiss the gun.