REVIEW: Nicola Guazzaloca’s “Tecniche Arcaiche: Live At Angelica”

Nicola Guazzaloca photo NicolaG_cover_zps7ls1548d.jpg If the style of jazz you enjoy listening to is more on the improvisational and free side of things, you will definitely love Tecniche Arcaiche: Live At Angelica (Aut), a release by pianist Nicola Guazzaloca. For me, it’s hard to compare this to someone without someone more in-the-know saying “this sounds nothing like who you’re comparing this to” but this is the best way I can do it. Some of it sounds like what Richard Wright did during his part of Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma, where it seems like there may be a concept of what he wants to do but plays whatever inspires him at any given moment. “Parte Prima” is more on the noisy and chaotic side while the 27 minute “Parte Seconda” is slightly more musical and melodic. This recording was taken from a 2014 live performance so the audience were into the spontaneity as much as the home listener is, which honestly makes this a joy to listen to, or at least a joy on the verge of falling off into the unknown. Again, someone more in-the-know may have a more accurate description of what they’re hearing here and why but I liked this and would definitely be more into hearing another Guazzaloca project.

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