VIDEO Cult Choir’s “Too Many Miles”

The Portland music scene has always been interesting, despite it not getting as much attention as Seattle has in the last 25 years. You might know of Everclear, you probably remember one or three songs by Quarterflash, and maybe you know of the two hits Nu Shooz has in the early 80’s. With luck, you’ll also know of Poison Idea, The Wipers, Spazztic Blurr, Wehrmacht, Sweaty Nipples, and Smegma but this is 2015, time to catch you up with someone who is new and he goes by the name of Cult Choir. He is not a part of the Choir family of Beaverton, in fact his name isn’t Choir at all. He is Shane Graybill and originally called Lancaster, Pennsylvania home. Now, when I saw Portland and Lancaster in the press release, I said to myself “wait a minute: Big Jim Willig is a singer now?” but no, different guy from Lancaster and definitely a different guy from Portland, but get to know Cult Choir, whose new album is called Lucy. Graybill plays almost everything you’ll hear on the recording and you can check out of his capabilities with “Too Many Miles”, which begins with an introduction with a familiar face.

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