VIDEO: Supastition’s “Black Bodies”

Supastition’s new album Gold Standard is out now and a video has been made for one of its songs, one that is meant to provoke you to think. Have a look and listen to “Black Bodies”, beautifully assembled by director Will Feagins, Jr.

AUDIO: Cashmeir’s “Lifestyle Stupid”

You may know of Miami rapper Cashmeir from his time with Young Millionaire$. He’s still with the crew but he’s dropping a solo track on a street album for the collective called Million Gang: Reloaded so in order to prepare for the load on your face, have a listen to his festive and testive track called “Lifestyle Stupid”, put together by producer Max Million.

AUDIO: Forever Cult’s “Tunnel Vision”

Forever Cult photo ForeverCult_old_zpsxgiasyjr.jpg
Leeds band Forever Cult are gearing up for a tour next month to coincide with the release of a single as part of Too Pure Singles Club (Pulled Apart By Horses/Hookworms/Tigercub). The 7″ will be out on November 27th and you can pre-order it by heading to Norman Records. To check out the A-side, press play below.

Show dates for the November/December tour are below:
23 November… Newcastle, England (Think Tank)
24 November… Edinburgh, Scotland (Sneaky Pete’s)
25 November… Glasgow, Scotland (Bar Block)
26 November… Perth, England (The Green Rooms)
27 November… Liverpool, England (Maguire’s Pizza Bar)
28 November… Hull, England (The Adelphi)
2 December… London, England (The Old Blue Last) (launch show)
3 December… Swansea, England (The Lemon Factory)
4 December… Newport, England (Le Pub)
5 December… Leeds, England (Brudenell Social Club) (launch show)

VIDEO: Winter’s “All The Things You Do”

As the weather gets colder in the northwest hemisphere, this seems like the perfect song for the season-to-come. It’s a sensual pop song with a nice crispy rock touch during the choruses by Winter called “All The Things You Do”, almost has a Lush-meets-My Bloody Valentine vibe to it. The song was released by Burger two weeks ago, which you may order below via Amazon.

AUDIO: Ill Poetic’s “Fingertip”

Something new from Ill Poetic has a slightly curious title for it. It’s a song called “Fingertip”, which for him is not something entirely brand new, but is part of a project that had taken ten years to put together. One thing lead to another, he then stopped and moved on to other things. He then revisited that project and thought that it may be a good idea to develop it into something else. This is the end result so have a listen to the “Fingertip”, and just the tip.

SOME STUFFS: clipping. offer some Halloween goodness

If you’re a fan of clipping., you’ll definitely want to check this out, even if you’re not exactly in the Halloween spirit. Two of its members are doing their own project to show how they like pumpkins and goblins, or something like that. William Hutson takes a look at some of those old Halloween sound effects albums and greats something on the avant-garde side which he has called “Spectralities”. This was made for DIY Haunts and he made it himself, now he’s presenting it to you and all.

The other piece is from Jonathan Snipes, who collaborated with Lawrence Klein, the man who made clipping.’s “Loud” video. Together they put together for Trial Run, which is being called a “horror short” so if you’re into the morbid, decaying or just outright dead, feast into its flesh, or at least a sliver, a bite of what’s to come by watching the trailer for it.

VIDEO: Sans Parade’s “Hyperborea”

Sans Parade are to release a new album at the beginning of the holiday season. Their second album Artefacts, will be released on November 27th through Playground Music Scandinavia, (Shellshock in the UK and Ireland and Cargo Records for the rest of the world). The song may remind a few people of some kind of trippy progressive rock a la Tubular Bells but it takes that drifting mentality to a different place, and a nice place at that.