VIDEO: A look back at the Sony M-1000 Stereo MicroCassette Recorder

Pre-digital, using microcassette recorders were considered the most optimum way to record lectures and conversations and often times, the quality of the micro-cassettes were not meant to be as good as those used with music recordings. You didn’t need a chrome/Cr02 or Metal tape, it was just normal bias tapes and that was that. The Databits channel on YouTube always does interesting things where they look back at old/dead technologies and this is one of them.

AUDIO: Mistletoe’s “Winter’s Tower”

This is described as “a celebration of the Yuletide in the tradition of the demo casettes of the early 1990s.” It’s a band that goes by the name Mistletoe but this doesn’t sound Christmas-y at all. “Winter’s Tower” is just one track on the album Yule, being released on cassette, and you can find out about ordering your copy by clicking here.

FREE DL: dubldragon’s “Y Wulvz?” (full album)

If you’ve been wondering what the Bay Area is offering in terms of hip-hop, one option comes from dubldragon. Danny G handles production duties while Skeptik is here for lyrics and flows and plans on not making anyone a skeptic about him. Together, they’ve made an album called Y Wulvz?, 16 songs where you’re sure to find something of interest, only to discover the song you may not have liked before brings a bit of renewed interest a few minutes later. Stream the album to find something, then download it for free in the format of choice but do consider supporting them by using the “Name Your Price” option.

AUDIO: Nekrasov’s “There Is No Other Way” (EP)

It may consist of only six songs but this EP by Nekrasov may be one of the most intense recordings you will hear in 2015. If you have been waiting for something to literally blow your head off of your body, you’ll want to hear this. Some of what they do is death metal but they nicely (read “nicely”) bring in power electronics, noise, and avant-garde into something that may sound confusing at first but it’s nice to wallow in the confusion and allow yourself to figure it out in time.

SOME STUFFS: Fanaticism introduce maniacal sounds from Australia

Fanaticism are a brand new Australian label that have released three albums as their debut recordings, and not one of them sounds the same. The one I chose to present is from an artist named Yirat HaShem so for those who love harsh noise wall, for a bit of that extreme experimental/avant-garde beauty, you’ll want to check this out. Only two tracks are listed but each run close to half an hour. You can stream it in full but do consider buying it if it suits your fancy.

VIDEO: B.O.Y.’s “1996”

No one in B.O.Y. are boys or male for that matter. In their case, B.O.Y. stands for “be only you” and these ladies display a style of soul that will be appealing to those who like soul with a bit of integrity and style. “1996” goes back to a time when perhaps things were easier but they prove anytime can be what you want it if you make it that way.

AUDIO: 404WILL’s “ALLIWNTD” (full album stream)

Wasn’t aware 404WILL came out with a new album, partly because I was having Thanksgiving dinner with the first sweet potato pie I’ve ever made (it was very good, by the way) but just as many of us were having a feeling of the mugwumps, 404WILL said “hey, this is the time to unleash my new music for everyone. It’s called ALLIWNTD (“all I wanted”), 12 brand new song, all produced by Hitplay and it’s nice to hear new hip-hop that is musically and artistically promising.

AUDIO: Horseshoe Gang’s “Poverty Slogans”

Horseshoe Gang photo HorseshoeGang_old_zpsf71xyvvg.jpg
From Los Angeles come Horseshoe Gang, whose album, called Anti Trap Music, will be out early in the new year. These guys have been releasing albums, EP’s, and mix tapes for the last six years so they are not newbies to the game and once you listen to “Poverty Slogans”, if you are unfamiliar with them, you’ll know why immediately. For those who know what they’re about, welcome to their return.