AUDIO: Ckrono & Slesh’s “Slang” (EP)

Ckrono & Slesh are an Italian duo who create music based on the power of a groove, and that groove is to dance. They have released a single called Slang and technically this is a 2-song single but they’re calling this an EP. Why? I have no idea, so I’m slightly confused but what will not confused is, once again, the power of a groove and I could hear people like Diplo, JaKe One, 4Hero remix in a powerful manner.

They will be in Boston this weekend before doing some shows in Mexico for the rest of November, head to them and feel the mutual vibes.
November 13… Boston, MA (Squealing Pig)
November 14… Good Life, Boston, MA (Good Life)
November 20… San Luis Potosi, Mexico (Pimp Club)
November 27… Tultitlan, Mexico (La Mina de Roma)
November 28… Mexico City, Mexico (Cassette Blog Anniversary)


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