SOME STUFFS: Columboid to release “Magi” at the end of November

Columboid has a new album mixed, miastered, and ready to go, in fact you can listen to it in full right now before its November 30th release date. Six brand new songs, with two either running close to or going beyond the 8-minute mark, so you know it has to be a trip and if you don’t know why, get your good pair of headphones, press play, and find out how their music works on you. The Brooklyn band are ready to unleash some goodness so if you like what you hear, consider pre-ordering the album. They say things are leaning on the Cabaret Voltaire/This Heat/Throbbing Gristle side of things so now that you have been prepared, get a knife and slice into the goodness of Magi.

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