AUDIO: Fungi From Yuggoth/Liturgia Maleficarum split c-60

For fans of ambient, industrial, and all out “out there” music, you’ll want to pick up a new split cassette by Liturgia Maleficarum and Fungi From Yuggoth. Fungi From Yuggoth is described as “raw and primitive ritual industrial, in the vein of early Current 93, Ain Soph, Zero Kama” while Liturgia Maleficarum is “blackened doom ambient noise, hellish screams, dissonant riffs (with) haunting synth lines.” Both offer five songs each, and if their descritions may sound a bit perplexing, you are able to stream it all for free, no cost to you. If you’re into it, purchase the cassette (only 47 copies made) or the digital files.

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