AUDIO: Ivadell’s “Dog Days”

Everything Melts Eventually is the new project that involves Columbia, South Carolina’s Ivadell, who are about to begin a tour this weekend in support of it but before they do, they want to share a song from the effort called “Dog Days”. The song is from their latest album Maybe Tomorrow so have a listen. As for the test of everything Melts Eventually, the four songs, which also features material from Bandit, Trathalon, and Slow And Steady, are described as “Christmas songs for people who don’t like Christmas songs”. Interesting? I think so.

Meanwhile, here is where Ivadell will be in the days ahead.

November 28… Greensboro, NC (Carolina Theatre)
November 29… Chapel Hill, NC (Local 506)
November 30… Harrisonburg, VA (The Lawless Walrus)
December 3… Columbus, OH (Spacebar)
December 4… Cleveland, OH (Euclid Tavern)
December 5… Detroit, MI (The Sanctuary)
December 6… Indianapolis, IN (Grammaw’s House)
December 7… Chicago, IL (Subterranean)
December 8… Chicago, IL (Audiotree (Live Session)
December 9… Nashville, TN (Exponent Manor)
December 10… Cleveland, TN (Purp Lounge)
December 11… Greenville, SC (Independent Public Alehouse)

Maybe Tomorrow is available from below.


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