VIDEO: The Chills’ “When The Poor Can Reach The Moon”

The Chills photo TheChills_old_zpsrz5u25xh.jpg
A song title like “When The Poor Can Reach The Moon” may sound eerie to some but think about the world we live in today. Think of Star Wars and how they see a time when Earth become a prison planet and only the elites will be able to go beyond. We’re already there, says The Chills and we can only say “deal with it”.

Or something like that. The single will formally be released on December 11th and here’s the video, edited from found animated footage.

The group have some shows coming up in Australasia, head to them for it’ll be the right season to do so:
11 December, 2015… Auckland NZ (Galatos)
11 January, 2016… Auckland NZ (Echo Festival)
13 January, 2016… Sydney AUS (Sydney Festival)
15 January, 2016… Melbourne AUS (Max Watts)
8 March, 2016… Wellington NZ (NZ Festival)

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