SOME STUFFS: The new year welcomes new album from Pop. 1280

Pop. 1280 photo Pop1280_old_zps8qzuhkmn.jpg
If you’re a fan of Pop. 1280, you either are wondering when they are going to release a new album or are ready to say “I got the e-mail, I already know when they’re releasing their Paradise album” so I’ll tell you “okay pay, tell me the news, I’ll sit this one out.

Um… okay. Pop. 1280’s new album will be called Paradise, Sacred Bones are releasing this again and they have a track I already heard but perhaps your readers haven’t had a chance to yet. It’s called “Pyramids On Mars” so hopefully you’ll post it on your site while I head out to Walgreen’s and pick up a Christmas Reese’s tree. I gotta go.

There you go. If you’re in or near Brooklyn next January, Pop. 1280 are going to have a record release party at Alphaville on the 23rd, so check out the new music in a live setting. The album will be released the day before, the 22nd of course.

January 23, 2016… Brooklyn, NY (Alphaville) (Paradise Record Release show)


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