BOOK’S FOODIE: Are these “the 20 best Italian restaurants in America”?

Nostrana, Portland photo NostranaPDX_pic_zpspoprzjny.jpg
An article at claim they’ve found “the 20 best Italian restaurants” in the United States but have they been to each and every one, or are these just “the ideal ones”? I love Italian food but I’ve done a minuscule amount of traveling, so I can’t say I’ve been anywhere out of my region for some mind-blowing Italian food. There is a local Italian restaurant called Carmine’s, that was excellent and sadly I only went there once. A part of me would love to go to someone’s house and sit in for dinner, just to have the food “within a circle of family and friends”, but I’d be afraid I would be there until the next morning.

Nonetheless, who are on this list of the Top 20? On the west coast, there are some restaurants in Los Angeles and San Francisco but as for up here in the Pacific Northwest? You have to look at the 503 (that’s the area code of Portland) to see what is being put on the plate in Rose City. You can take a look at the full list by clicking here.


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