RECORD CRACK: Unwoman releases a new song as an old style cylinder

“Come Take A Trip In My Airship” is a new song by Unwoman that you are able to hear digitally but this version is very different. Even if you are a vinyl junkie, you may not be able to listen to it unless you have a specific way of playing it. Unwoman is releasing this as a cylinder. You read that right: an old school cylinder. When she started this project, she only had plans to make only 16 of these. By the time you read this, she will only have three left. “Why even post it?” you ask? Hopefully if you are a fan of hers or a record collector, you’ll want a chance at this. On top of that, perhaps it’ll motivate others to do something similar for themselves. If you simply want to download it, it is free but definitely use the “Name Your Price” option to show support.


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