COVERED: David Bowie vs. Danzig

COVERED: David Bowie vs. Danzig photo COVERED-BowieDan_cvrs_zpslfapvep8.jpg
I’ve seen the original David Bowie album cover parodies a number of times before, but perhaps only in magazine articles. I do now Human Drama paid homage to Pin-Ups before but now Glenn Danzig has done it in 2015 with his band for an album called Skeletons. It’s Danzig’s first album in five years and it may be called Skeletons as its focus is on the skeletons of rock’n’roll, featuring cover versions of songs by Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, Elvis Presley, and even The Troggs. Danzig has never been afraid to reveal a side of his true self but I’ll admit: I saw this cover, knew the reference and thought “oh!”, a nice way of saying “oh no”. The album might be good, especially if you are a fan of Danzig in the last 30+ years or the originals. Try it out.

(Both Pin-Ups and Skeletons can be ordered from by clicking the covers below.)


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