SOME STUFFS: Seattle’s Merso sign with Good To Die

Merso photo Merso_old_zps5xuzr6hk.jpg
There are a lot of great bands coming out of Seattle as of late and perhaps if you’re in tune with what’s going on there, you may have heard a bit about Merso, what they do and how nice they are in concert. You’ll be able to hear more from them in the new year as the group have been picked up by their hometown label Good To Die Records. They have already recorded, mixed, and amstered their debut album that will be out sometime in the new year and to party with their friends in the 206, they’re doing a show this weekend at the Sunset Tavern (5433 Ballard Ave NW) opening for a band that are now their labelmates, Gaytheist. VHS and Old Iron are also scheduled to play at the show so if you’ve been a fan of Merso for awhile, you will most likely hear some new material this Saturday.


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