SOME STUFFS: Australian black metal is here from Nil Abyss

Nil Abyss photo NilAbyss_cover_zpstzx1wrcf.jpg
Black metal is strong everywhere, head to Australia and you are sure to find a wide range of bands who can tell you how to do it nicely. One band you may want to check out are named Nil Abyss and they’ve just released their first album on Nebular Carcoma Records called Burgeoning Death Void. It has been called “six tracks of dense and mid-paced black metal with a cruel feeling” and while that may be putting it mildly, it’s a way to say “hmmm, I think I may want to have a listen.”. You can take a listen to samples below. The album is out on cassette, with only 100 copies being made. For more information, send e-mail to nebularcarcoma [at] gmail [dot] com or head to the label’s Blogspot page.

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